Call for Reviewers

All submitted papers will go through the peer-review process, the committees of GNN conference are calling for reviewers, if you are interested in reviewing papers, please send your latest CV to or submit an application in GNN Peer Review System.

Reviewer Requirements:
  • Qualified to PhD level (or equivalent)
  • Active researchers in this filed
  • At least have one or more recent publications in peer-reviewed journals

Reviewer Benefits:
  • Refresh your knowledge
  • Build your reputation
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Keep up to date with your research field
  • Enjoy a discount on your conference registration fee
  • Be a potential candidate of TPC member of the next GNN conference

Reviewer Responsibilities:
  • Review and judge the manuscript objectively
  • Inform the conference committee if any plagiarism exists
  • Keep the reviewed manuscript as confidential file
  • Send back the review comments in time (normally within three weeks)
  • Not to copy or use any information obtained during the review process

Discount Instructions:
  • The discount is only used for covering the conference registration fee.
  • The discount rate would be offered based on the quantity and quality of reviewed papers (with no upper limit).

Peer review is essential to the reliable communication of science and we would like to acknowledge all our reviewers who have contributed a lot to the GNN 2019 conference. Their assistance, comments and suggestions not only help authors in improving the quality of their papers, but also furthering the excellence and integrity of the conference.

Each of the reviewer listed in have reviewed at least one manuscript for the conference.